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Win a bottle of


and all you have to do is.....


.......follow a small set of instructions


So are you ready?


Here tonight we've hidden amongst the best and the brightest of British business two people


So to win a bottle of champagne.....


....all you have to do

is find them.


You really can't miss them as they will be the only ones dressed in a tux :)


or if that doesn't work you could could always go to table 79 or 80


Then say Hi to Richard

or Ralph


and get a selfie with

one of them


Don't worry they are lovely chaps and I am sure they agreed to do this.......


Then tweet us the picture


using #findrichard or #findralph & #businessawards2015


Best shot wins and we will be in contact shortly. T's & C's apply.


Now you have found the Grichan Partnership let us find your next executive.